Wednesday, November 22, 2006


There's something about raspberries for me at the moment - since the success of the gooey chocolate stack I'm seeing raspberries everywhere (and I don't even like to eat them that much, except of course with choc custard and meringue...).

Case in point: My friend, the Fabulous Miss F, is going to the UK in December and so of course needs a warm scarf. Notwithstanding that this project is not on my COP* schedule, I couldn't not make one for her.

Something quick, fairly big sticks, just the right length (about 160cm) and the right width. I found this Eki Riva Natal (alpaca/silk/polyamide mix - mainly alpaca) and as it is an 8ply, am knitting it double - wound two balls into one centre pull ball (oddly, discovered that one ball was a bit longer than the other - on reflection, this makes sense given the slightly uneven nature of the ply on this yarn). I'm using the Yarn Harlot one row reversible pattern - to me, the nubbliness of the yarn combined with the textured pattern brings to mind the (sortof) bubbly nature of raspberries - delicious! (The colour is a bit more like the first photo than the second - a lovely pink toned red - hope she likes it!)

*COP - Christmas and Other Projects


In other news, the weather yesterday (about 35 deg celsius) was perfect for drying socks - of course, I'm not sure that it will get cold enough again this year to actually wear them, but isn't it good to know that they are clean if we need them! Had a pic to post but bl*gger won't do it. Oh well - at least there is finally some knitting content!! Hurrah! Get set for more...

And in answer to Little Jenny Wren's question on Monday's post - yes I am a country girl originally (or should that be "lady", Nora?!!) - moved to Sydney to go to uni and stayed ever since - but haven't lost my "roots"!


Anonymous said...

The scarf is lovely, especially pictured with the raspberries--beautiful! That pattern is knitting up so well with that yarn.

Anonymous said...

We are GIRLS!!

The scarf is deliciously beautiful! I've come across that yarn at Champion Textiles but she only had it in beige. BEIGE??

...and you're very welcome (re: sock patt). x

fi.mac said...

Oooohhhh Wicked J

It is bew-ti-ful. Absolutely perfect and just the right colour!

Very excited about wearing it.

Now about the beanie ....

Thank you my treasure

Miss F