Monday, November 20, 2006

Still no knitting content

Looking back over last week I realised there was no real knitting content there. Despite my aim to work on only a couple of things to get them finished, there hasn't been as much knitting happening as I'd like. But there will be soon - I promise! But right now, this post will not change the lack of knitting content issue.

But look at this - how can this not delight!

It is the Gooey Chocolate Stack from Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess - 3 layers of chocolate meringue with chocolate creme patissiere (I think that's how you spell it!) layered in between. I subbed the pistachio slivers on top for raspberries - so right with chocolate! Made for BBQ lunch yesterday to celebrate my and the Fabulous F's birthdays.

I've never watched her cooking show but from what I know, this is absolutely typical of her style of cooking - gooey, rich, a little messy, requires much finger licking, full of good bad things like 300ml cream, 300ml full cream milk, 100g dark choc, 5 tbsp dutch cocoa, 6 eggs, 400g caster sugar (do I need to go on...). But oh my, it was GOOD - we all had seconds.

This was all that was left (before husby and I put it out of its misery and finished it off).

Neither of us needed dinner last night ...


littlejennywren said...

You must surely be the Queen of Pavs. Are you originally from the country?

k*girl said...

oh my, how delightfully decadent is that cake??? Happy birthday to you both!

KO said...

I HAVE to buy that cook book! So much yummy food!!!!

AJ said...

Who needs knitting when you have chocolate?! :) Yumm!

Stephanie said...

That is best looking dessert EVER!

Nigella is the best!

Anonymous said...

Wow, does that look good. Or DID anyway, LOL.

Amy said...

Auuugh, I think I need that book now... That look(ed) so good!

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