Monday, November 13, 2006

yummy yummy

Had family over yesterday for a BBQ lunch - my pavlova is a favourite so got up early (7am - me - 7am on a Sunday!!!) to make it. I was going to make it on Saturday night, so I could let it cool properly overnight in the oven but I got a bit wrapped up in my knitting and tv and completely forgot. Hence the early (early!) start on Sunday.

Some progress shots - white fluffy goodness in the bowl - I LOVE my kitchenaid mixer; ready on the baking tray (I use a Tupperware silicone mat - they are great!).

I use the pavolva pattern recipe from Stephanie Alexander's The Cooks Companion - it is a no fail recipe, in my experience anyway (and, btw, a fantastic cookbook if you are looking for a really good reference book as well as great recipes and good writing style)! Lots of people say they can't make pavlova but I think if you can read, you can make this - you just have to mix it a lot - longer than you think - and do the "rub test" - when you think it is done mixing, pinch a little mix between your thumb and finger and rub together - if it feels a bit gritty, it needs more beating (the grittiness is the sugar, not quite dissolved enough).

And, ta-daaaaa, the end product!

I know traditional pavlova is supposed to have passionfruit but I don't like it, so I don't use it! And bananas - what a treat at the moment! They were teeny-tiny fingers so I had to use two.

Should have taken an after shot - there wasn't much left!


Belinda said...

yum...that looks great!!

Stephanie said...

That looks amazing!

You are very serious about baking...getting up at 7am on a Sunday!

Lisa L said...

That cake looks teriffic! It's inspiring me to get baking this weekend. It's almost Thanksgiving over here, so something pumpkin should be in the mix!

littlejennywren said...

The pav looks fantastic. Can you come to our next BBQ.