Thursday, November 09, 2006

I've lost my mojo

I've been a bit flat this week and have not been inspired by any of my current WIPs (which is somewhat unfortunate, as I have so many!!). I haven't done much knitting and feel a bit blah generally. Reading today's post from SavannahChik I think it is maybe because I've broken her goal 1: "approach knitting like a hobby and not a project that needs to be managed". I've concluded that having a COP has made me lose my mojo...

I'm hoping a few FO's over the next week will cheer me up so I'm going to try and focus on one or two projects now to try and finish them! Then I can start something new and that should perk me up even more!

To spur me on, here's a recent progress shot of husby's NY scarf - have almost done 6 repeats, only 4 to go! Can't wait to block it and admire in all of it's glory. It really is a great pattern to knit, once you get started it is quite intuitive, although I still have to follow the chart fairly closely for the increases and decreases but it is just so clever! I really am very happy with it so far.

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