Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First (and only?) FO of the month!

Ta da! It's the "ohmythecottonis2differentshadesIcantbelieveIdidntnoticethatearlier" cardi, for my friend L's baby - a boy, born last Thursday (Thanksgiving!) weighing 10lb 9oz (she was pretty thankful for the epidural and the gas, I can tell you!).

I went with green cotton thread, mainly because that's what I had in the stash. My stitching is a bit uneven - unique and handmade, I say! I did cross stitch on the front and diagonals on the back (can you tell I got sick of the sewing...?). But thankfully, you really can't tell there are two different shades now (thanks Carson and others for your advice!).

I'm not sure what size this turned out to be - it was meant to fit him at 6-9 months (winter) but it is a lot bigger than the navy cardi I finished recently which is also meant to be 6-9 month size, so I don't know if this is too big or the other too small...oh well, it's cotton so is transeasonal!

Pattern: Rosebud Cardigan from Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies
Yarn: Rowan 4ply cotton - 2.5 x 50g balls
Sticks: 3.5mm addi circular and 3.5mm addi dpns for the sleeves - I converted the pattern to do the fronts and back in one piece to the armholes, and to the sleeves circular rather than flat - much less seaming! Why aren't more patterns (especially for babies) written to minimise seaming! The pattern called for 2.75mm sticks but this would be just tooo tight. As it is, I may have done a little loose, but I still quite like the outcome.
Time: started on 13 October 2006, finished 25 November 2006.
What I learnt on this project: 1. Check the yarn colour VERY carefully!! especially if you buy from eBay or secondhand and some doesn't have labels...
2. converting to circular knitting is great and relatively easy, although on reflection I think I could have done it differently (I think I need to learn top-down construction)
3. need to get some stitchmarkers...


Anonymous said...

That came out beautifully, especially the added stitching! And you're right, cotton is good year round. Good job!

jacqui said...

It looks just gorgeous. He's a lucky baby!

Nora said...

Oh MAN! I've just paid for my ball-band-less eBay yarn (for the Phildar swing jkt KAL)!!!


PS: The cardi is adorable - you did a great repair job.
Somehow, I can't see me top stitching the Phildar jkt ...