Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday drive

Every so often, we go for a Sunday drive, in convoy with friends who also have a convertible (except theirs is a very cool, but loud, Mustang, left hand drive - always odd to see someone driving on the "wrong" side!).

This, of course, is a great opportunity to feel the wind in our hair, and more importantly for me, to get lots of knitting done!

This is the before shot (had to take at least 3 projects - my hands get sore if I do the same knitting for an extended period, particularly with very small or very big sticks - well, that's my excuse anyway!):
After driving to Terrigal for lunch, then through the Yarramalong valley to a macadamia farm for afternoon tea - mmm macadamia scones with jam and cream (and the macadamia farm is for sale, by the way, if anyone is interested...) and then eventually back onto the old Pacific Highway and then the freeway back to Sydney (with a little power nap along the way), this is my progress (I think I'm a slow knitter...):
The Yarramalong valley is lovely to drive through - so lush and green - a lot different from my home town in central west NSW. Even the North Shore is lush and green - they must do a lot of watering despite the water restrictions!


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Wish I could knit in the car!!

AJ said...

Your WIP's are looking very nice! Looks like you made a lot of progress!

Amy said...

Looks like a lot of progress to me!

All of your talk of Terrigal and the Yarramalong valley makes me pine for the days when I lived in Oz. Terrigal has to be one of my favorite places on earth - huge fond memories of quiz nights at the pub and the beach and the scenery... Mmmm.

Anyhoo, I found you through a comment on a blog somewhere, something totally random, and I'll probably be back to read more. :-D