Friday, November 24, 2006

Flashin' the stash

Inspired by Little Jenny Wren's post last week, I thought I might take some time to flash my stash (well, parts of it anyway...hope husby isn't reading this...). (sorry Jenny my stash is not as beautifully sorted and displayed as yours - I'm freaky scared about moths...!)

This little group is in the loungeroom - the Mountain Colours skeins (thanks eBay) were removed from their little safe baggie for the purposes of the pic. This basket mainly holds UFOs, sticks (in the long pencil case and side pocket) and some inspiration yarn.
This group is in my "study" (aka the junk room - although not nearly as junky as it used to be) . Rowan all seasons cotton for a baby aran style cardi from Knitty (so cute!), some Regia and Trekking sock yarn, lots of 4ply baby wool (I do love my baby knitting!) plus the Rowan 4ply cotton in the two different shades of the same colour that caused my knitting error (see yesterday's post!!). You can see the frogged bits in the bag - thought it might make good doll hair (should I ever make any knitted dolls...) (did I mention that I'm a hoarder?)
These are two drawers from the cedar chest of drawers in the spare bedroom (and they are DEEP drawers too! The red Rowan Big Wool is for a baby blanket, the blue-ish Rowan Yorkshire Tweed is for a cardi for me from Rowan's Vintage Style and the Jaeger cashmerino - well, I've got a few ideas for that but none finalised yet...

And of course with all that yarn you need some implements. Here are my nice sticks (the random metal and plastics are hidden away). Yes, you can also see I'm a bit of a sudoku freak. Underneath the sticks is a mat "fancyworked" by my mum - more to my taste than hers, I think. The fat cat holds some notions (lovely quaint word) - row counters, stitch markers, point protectors and the like. The cupboard underneath also hold more yarn...I forgot to take a picture!

You can see my books here (of course, there have been a few additions since then...)


Jo said...

WOW!!! That's a lot of stash.

k*girl said...

Thats a fairly envious stash you've got there! I am pea-green!

littlejennywren said...

What an impressive stash. I found moths were more of a problem when I had things packed away but I didn't have your wonderful looking plastic bag system. you actually have enough of each colour to make a garment with, that is what is impressive. I only have oddments for making doll clothes.